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  1. Live Soundtrack 80 | Finnish analog fest | Telakka, 25.6.2024., 20:00

    Musicians : pimeääni, CAN I/O, TTQ, Transink

    Filmmakers : Hannu Nieminen & Panu Johansson

  2. Live Soundtrack, long-running, touring event for experimental film music, is having its premiere in Tampere, for the 80th edition of the event!

    Program is made up of 8 recent analogue films, which will be scored by three of Tampere's most intriguing alternative musicians : ambient musicians Tuomas Lammi (pimeääni), IDM/downtempo magician Perttu Piirto (CAN I/O), synth experimentator Tommi Pessa (TTQ), joined by curator of the event, Marko Milicevic (transink)

    Guests of the program are two finnish filmmakers who work with analog and found footage cinema : Hannu Nieminen and Panu Johansson, and whose two films, The Tooth of Time and Picturing a Micropolis: 96100-97690, are featured in the selection for alternative soundtracking

    Join us for this rare experimental audio-visual party in Telakka, on 25th June, from 8 PM! .

  3. pimeääni

    Music for The Tooth of Time and The Fabricated Wild

    Pimeääni is the solo ambient project of Tuomas Lammi, the bass player of the Tampere electronic music afro rooted band Maajo.

    In Pimeääni, Tuomas substitutes bass guitar with dusty loops and organismic synthetizing while walking in the footsteps of Basinski, Burial and Julianna Barwick, and he describes Pimeääni as music that strives for silence.

    With an array of self-released albums Pimeääni has more than enough to fuss you into quiet dreams.

    follow @pimeaani
  4. CAN I / O

    Music for Four Dances by Three Couples and Press Pound to Connect

    CAN I/O is the latest music project by Finnish music producer Perttu Piirto. It blends ambient techno, IDM, drum'n bass, hardcore punk, and experimental lo-fi. He has released so far 4 eps and some singles.

    He started making music with punk bands in the1980s, studied film music and from the early '90s, he contributed keyboards to indie rock bands and various electronic music projects.
    Some previous projects in which Perttu Piirto has been: melkoinen, ever had, KONE-MAKE, Kings Of Kaivinkone, Kompleksi, loco motive, Ärsyke, Musta Köksä, AVK, E-Liike, Entropia.
  5. TTQ

    Music for Luminae and Light Hole

    TTQ is a solo project that has moved from post-apocalyptic dance party to exploring energy and process of creating. Album trilogy of Curves, Spectrums and Pulses have been inspired by ruins of dance clubs, images of the universe, old electronic music techniques and creating for the sake of it. Outside the studio in live situation it is more freeform exploration, machines as bandmates and finding meaning in imperfections

  6. Transink

    Music for Picturing a Micropolis and Tri-Alogue #4

    Transink is an alias of Marko Milicevic, curator of the Live Soundtrack event, who makes night-time ambient music by creating loops of small, stringed instruments, vocal and choir samples, and playing evocative synth tones drowned in the sea of delay, reverb and bass frequencies

  7. Filmmakers | Guests of the program

  8. Hannu Nieminen

    Hannu Nieminen has been working with audio-visual art since 1990. He first worked with music videos for Finnish bands and later with experimental films, audiovisual installations and VJ art (as VJ Usva). Hannu has created about 130 experimental films or music videos.

    In his art he studies time and change. Many of his works during the past 20 years have been linked to the ongoing change in the world and to the feelings of despair, hope and mystalgy (which is "mystical nostalgy").

  9. Panu Johannson

    Panu Johansson is a media artist and an experimental filmmaker from Finland. He works with moving image, photography and sound. His works have been exhibited in various festivals, exhibitions and microcinemas since the year 2000.

    Reoccurring themes in Johansson's work are memories, landscape, the history of experimental film and cultural history. When working with moving image he prefers analogue film, though he is open to all materials. Johansson collects images and sounds eagerly and also likes to use "found footage” materials whenever possible. His works could be described with terms such as landscape film, diary film or personal film.

  10. Photo Gallery 

  11. Film program

  12. Hannu Nieminen - The Tooth of Time (Finland, 2021, 4')

    Time mercilessly flows and slips from our hands. No reason to fight, better to go with the flow.

    This experimental film has been created by physically manipulating B&W Super-8 film in various ways using direct painting on film and scratching. Also, physical objects from nature such as plant parts, dust, fur and hair has been glued to the film surface.

  13. Nick Twardus - The Fabricated Wild (US, 2020, 10’)

    The Fabricated Wild explores the intersections between the natural and artificial within the Florida wilderness using personal film-making technology. Images strictly of the natural landscape are sequenced to break from traditional cinematic viewing techniques. Images foreground the natural Florida landscape in the frame and communicate how cinema fabricates the expansive wilderness. The Fabricated Wild frames the complex interaction between a frustrated filmmaker and the collective unconsciousness of the natural environment, a theory outlined by Carl Jung, considering the implications and discoveries along the way. The film frames the experience of interacting with and revealing the forest’s collective unconsciousness that is frequently hidden in cinema to call for an experimental way to engage with the natural landscape. 16mm, Super 8.

  14. Jiayi Chen - Four Dances by Three Couples (US, 2021, 12’)

    Commissioned by the Chicago Film Archives, Four Dances for Three Couples repurposes found footages from educational and instructional films, news reels and home movies, to examine image-making mechanisms, reframe female bodies, bring minute surface details from the analog medium and unseen archiving labor to light, and capture a sense of longing and waiting amid a time of uncertainty.

  15. Alexander Fingrutd - Press Pound to Connect (US, 2019, 3’)

    This film was hand processed, shot on 16mm film, and created using a masking technique and appropriated images. The nine equal parts reference the Pound Symbol on a telephone keypad. Here, it is used as a symbol for connection. We are connected to more than what is immediately around ourselves: to each other, the planet, and the farthest galaxies. What distant things are having an effect on us and what are we non-visibly affecting? The similarities between these connections are represented through overlapping images. It shows a change in perspective, going from the individual singular self, to a view where there is no divide between self and other. It brings us to a cosmic, all-encompassing view, divided in space and tied together through telephone wire.

  16. Dominic Angerame - Luminae (US, 2022, 3’)

    For years I had been shooting with an iris attached to my lens creating a circle. The sun seemed to be a natural progression of the circle, especially its revolutions. The film is an accession into the heavens. This film was magically created from the soul of my spirit. The music was also magic that it glides the imagery into its many manifestations. This film is definitely the result of the magic of cinema capturing a spirit of space that would make George Melies cry in wonder.

  17. Alicia Mujynya - Light Hole (USA, 2023, 8')

    "Light Hole" was produced with the aid of an optical printer and a MiniDV tape my father filled back in 2001. As part of his home movie collection he taped my grandfather's own home movies.

    Neither I, my father, my grandfather, nor subsequent viewers know the lived experiences of our subjects. We can only assume. With each subsequent iteration we can then apply our own perspectives, molding the manner in which an onlooker experiences pre-existing reality.

    At the end of the day, on earth, above, within a place past nothingness, there is a hole, rip. Burning pain causing light, encompassing all. Pain so strong and the light so bold, that I’ve begun to see my mother’s shoes and my great grandmother's skirt.

    How beautiful it must be to be the hole. How lovely it must be to know the names and faces of all the people before me. Why do I not know the name of the old woman with the cane?

  18. Panu Johansson - Picturing a Micropolis: 96100-97690 (FI, 2018, 11')

    “Picturing a Micropolis: 96100-97690” is a city symphony and short experimental film that depicts Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland.The film is not only a result of years of filming and grass-roots level observing, but also an entity in which all the details captured on film – images, memories, seasons and neighbourhoods – are swarmed to the viewers retina as an intense kinetic stream. Eventually the grainy mass of shots forms a new kind of bare image of the city, which also reflects on a larger scale Finland’s real national landscapes: forest-encircled suburbs made of concrete.

  19. Caryn Cline, Linda Fenstermaker, Reed O' Beirne - Tri-Alogue #4 (US, 2020, 4’)

    The subtle movement of a dancer’s arms invites three panels of film into one frame in this micro-symphony of sounds and images in which the changing light evokes the passing of times. Human and non-human, interior and exterior co-exist in this highly improvisational yet serendipitous portrait of a changing Seattle in late August under a fire-choked sun.