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  1. Live Soundtrack 2024 (Continuation of 8th Season)

    Live Soundtrack / Season 8 continues its 77th journey this Saturday (13.4) in Florence, in the amazing arts / events space ARTiglieria.

    Much love and gratitude goes to Matteo Trevisan ( @sheeba.exp ) for curating this amazing line-up of musicians largely based in Florence, @art.iglieria crew for the enthusiasm to host the event and full support, and Gaia Altucci ( @gaia.altucci ) for the graphic design for the web.

    It is a continuation of the beloved analog film programme, with few more events happening until late June, including Vacationland by Alexander Bickford (music by Sheeba Exp.), Picturing a Micropolis by Panu Johansson (music by Transink), To all Those by Josh Weissbach (music by Demetrio Cecchitelli), A Place in the Cosmos by Gavin Hipkins (music by Santa Cecilia & Semionauta), Spinning by Rennie Taylor (music by Ago), The Fabricated Wild by Nick Twardus (music by Ago & Programma 101), and In Search of Mount Analogue by Leonardo Pirondi (music by Programma 101), with a eclectic selection of performers who will bring their own musical influences and sensibilities to an original and engaging experience.

    Live Soundtrack 77 page on the website >>>