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  1. Live Soundtrack in Tampere - end of 8th Season

    Most intense, action-packed season of Live Soundtrack is having its epic ending, after its journey through 11 countries and 16 adventurous events, tomorrow, in Tampere, Finland

    It's not a secret that I've been enjoying finnish underground music for quite a while and I am stoked to get the opportunity to present a program there! I am super grateful to finally meet and introduce some analog filmmakers who are featured in the program : much thanks to Hannu Nieminen (Taiteilijaryhmä HIDAS) for the amazing support to turn this dream into reality, and Panu Johansson, for joining us tomorrow on the event: their two films, The Tooth of Time and Picturing a Micropolis: 96100-97690, will have a re-score / are featured in the selection for alternative soundtracking. 

    I am also very happy and grateful to share the stage with three of Tampere's most exciting and deeply atmospheric electronic musicians : ambient musician Tuomas Lammi (Pimeääni), IDM/downtempo magician Perttu Piirto (CAN I/O) and synth experimentator Tommi Pessa (TTQ)!

    Along scores for films by finnish filmmakers, there will be a first performance for Tri-Alogue #4 by Caryn Cline, Linda Fenstermaker, Reed O' Beirne and more scores for films by Dominic Angerame, Jiayi Chen, Alexander Fingrutd, Nick Twardus, and Alicia Mujunya, who have been featured in this season for quite a couple of times.

    This is happening in one of Tampere's coolest music venues, Kulttuuritalo Telakka!

    25th June, starting from 8 PM
    Join us if you are around!

    All the info about perfomers and movies on :

  2. Live Soundtrack in Oslo

    Season 8 of Live Soundtrack is coming to its end in June, and I am excited to annouce that its 79th episode will take place in Oslo, as part of the long-running Sørforkomfort series, dedicated to experimental, improv and noise music, this time with a ambient-oriented edition.
    Transink is to happy to share the stage with a crew of international renegades : composer, sound designer and improviser Stephanie Merchak, and interdisciplinary artist Bernt Isak Wærstad (@berntisak) will join the line-up of this edition to perform music for films in 8th season's program, including two premieres. Soundtrack program will be followed by a performance of French analogue synth musician Mathieu Sylvestre and a newly formed duo (trio?) Three is a Crowd? including Bernt Isak Wærstad and Tejas Winee. 

    First time performances for "Unearthed" by Jacob Watkinson and a re-score for "lewn by Shaun Louis Calleja, will be followed by a new rendering of sound for Vera Sebert's "Liquid Traits of an Image Apparatus", and more scores for films by Leonardo Pirondi, Michael Lyons, Panu Johansson, Dominic Angerame and Wen Pey-Lim!

    All of this is happening in Oslo's craziest and noisiest music venue, Boksen! Many thanks to Morten Minothi Kristiansen for having us! 

    17th June, starting from 7 PM (entrance at 6)

    All the info about perfomers and movies on :