Kino Pleme / Live Soundtrack

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  1. Live Soundtrack 69 | Hypnos Theatre, Malmö | 4.6.2023. | 19:15
    55 Cancri e, John Reidar Holmes, Rasmus Alkestrand, Tobias Karlehag, Trans_ink

  2. 55 Cancri e

    55 CANCRI E, an exoplanet far far away and also home and name of the Swedish multidisciplinary artist Sara Hausenkamp’s musical world. An inward journey consisting of endless guitar loops, voices and singing in Swedish, creating a melancholic, emotional and atmospheric sound.
    Instagram: planet_55_cancri_e

  3. John Reidar Holmes

    JOHN REIDAR HOLMES, guitarist and composer, creates moody and dream-like ambient music. His particular sound is shaped using a modular synthesizer and treated electric and acoustic guitars.


  4. Rasmus Alkestrand / Triangular Waves

    Triangular Waves is the cinematic ambient project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Rasmus Alkestrand, using a modular synthesizer and granular processing of found sounds. Recently, the cassette "Dissolving Patterns" was released on Danish label Fallen Metropolis.


  5. Tobias Karlehag

    Tobias Karlehag is a multi-instrumentalist and sound artist from Gothenburg, Sweden
    who in his solo project creates spacious ambient, drone and noise music through algorithmic compositions and slowly developed improvisation. Tobias' work accentuates separation and change with a deliberate yet exposed approach. His music gravitates around alternative tuning, slow evolving patterns and pulse performed on the modular synthesizer.


  6. Trans_ink

    TRANS_INK is an alias of Marko Milicevic, curator of the Live Soundtrack event, who makes night-time ambient music by creating loops of small, acoustic instruments, voice and choir
    samples, and playing synth tones awash in the sea of delay and reverb.

  7. Film program : 

  8. Nick Twardus - The Fabricated Wild (US, 2020, 10’)

    The Fabricated Wild explores the intersections between the natural and artificial within the Florida wilderness using personal film-making technology. Images strictly of the natural landscape are sequenced to break from traditional cinematic viewing techniques. Images foreground the natural Florida landscape in the frame and communicate how cinema fabricates the expansive wilderness. The Fabricated Wild frames the complex interaction between a frustrated filmmaker and the collective unconsciousness of the natural environment, a theory outlined by Carl Jung, considering the implications and discoveries along the way. The film frames the experience of interacting with and revealing the forest’s collective unconsciousness that is frequently hidden in cinema to call for an experimental way to engage with the natural landscape. 16mm, Super 8.

  9. Jiayi Chen - Four Dances by Three Couples (US, 2021, 12’)

    Commissioned by the Chicago Film Archives, Four Dances for Three Couples repurposes found footages from educational and instructional films, news reels and home movies, to examine image-making mechanisms, reframe female bodies, bring minute surface details from the analog medium and unseen archiving labor to light, and capture a sense of longing and waiting amid a time of uncertainty.


  10. Shon Kim - Bookanima : Andy Warhol (South Korea, 2020, 5’)

    BOOKANIMA, a compound word of ‘Book’ and ‘Anima’, is Experimental Animation project to give new cinematic life to book. It aims to create ‘Book Cinema’ in the third scope between Book and Cinema by Chronophotography Animation, paying homage for Edward Muybridge and Entienne Jules-Marey. BOOKANIMA experiments Chronophotography Animation about Andy Warhol.


  11. Josh Drake - Lightmare (US, 2020, 7’)

    Lightmare was inspired by a group of youths who used to race motorcycles by my house. They would sometimes ride when I was trying to get my young daughter to sleep and caused great aggravation for me. The neighbors became quite worried as well and eventually the police were engaged to stop the racing, unsuccessfully. Stories began to spread about who the youths were and what poor conditions their parents were raising them in. The film attempts to capture the anxiety of the neighborhood, using negative space as a mask to subvert the audience’s expectations of horizon and depth. In contrast, much of the content underscores the triviality of the perceived threat. High levels of film grain enhance the effects of pareidolia, paralleling the human impulse to create stories for the unknown riders.

  12. Kent Tate - Catalyst (Canada, 2018, 4’)

    Being natural born pattern seekers, we are forever looking for this or that clue to help explain what otherwise might appear unfathomable. Fundamentally Catalyst represents a type of diary without dates, of memories reconstructed to formulate my story. A story that takes place in time and space, shaped by the earth and sky.


  13. Dominic Angerame - Luminae (US, 2022, 3’)

    For years I had been shooting with an iris attached to my lens creating a circle. The sun seemed to be a natural progression of the circle, especially its revolutions. The film is an accession into the heavens. This film was magically created from the soul of my spirit. The music was also magic that it glides the imagery into its many manifestations. This film is definitely the result of the magic of cinema capturing a spirit of space that would make George Melies cry in wonder.


  14. Josh Weissbach - To All Those (US, 2020, 7’)

    a city symphony in miniature, dedicated to anyone who has gotten lost in thought while stuck on the midwinter train. to all that unfolds in those private reveries.


  15. Leonardo Pirondi - In Search of Mount Analogue (US, 2021, 4’)

    In Search of Mount Analogue journeys through ocean and land, bringing life to the imagined, metaphorical, and mysterious island from the 1952 novel, “Mount Analogue,” by René Daumal. The film uses 16mm film to capture computer-generated images that create an immersive, but rather odd, landscape of Mount Analogue.


  16. Zazie-Ray Trapido - Playdate (USA, 2022, 2’)

    Playdate consists of surreal and performative reimaginings of the simple and naive games played throughout childhood.


  17. Vasilios Papaioannu - Parenthesis (US, 2021, 4’)

    In this lonely contemplation of a past summer, the ancient promontory becomes a parenthetical projection of frantic lines and alternating impressions.

  18. Alexander Fingrudt - Press Pound to Connect (US, 2019, 3’)

    This film was hand processed, shot on 16mm film, and created using a masking technique and appropriated images. The nine equal parts reference the Pound Symbol on a telephone keypad. Here, it is used as a symbol for connection. We are connected to more than what is immediately around ourselves: to each other, the planet, and the farthest galaxies. What distant things are having an effect on us and what are we non-visibly affecting? The similarities between these connections are represented through overlapping images. It shows a change in perspective, going from the individual singular self, to a view where there is no divide between self and other. It brings us to a cosmic, all-encompassing view, divided in space and tied together through telephone wire.

  19. Marianna Milhorat - Sky Room (US, 2017, 6’)

    Someone is missing. Plants grow, but at what cost? Technology threatens and seduces as humans attempt to solve a mystery through telepathy and mirrors. Stainless steel and broken glass strewn about an intergalactic discotheque. Commissioned by the Chicago Film Archives, with footage and sound from the archive chopped, manipulated and arpeggiated into a fertile mix of anthem and narrative.