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  1. Live Soundtrack 63 | Lux Aeterna | CZKD, 29.11.2022.

    Balt, Electricity is Humming, BeatRoot

  2. 63. izdanje po prvi put predstavlja savremene audio-vizuelne radove/ video art koji se bave fenomenom svetlosti u različitim formama, te digitalne / VJ opite nove južnoamericke scene (Kolumbija, Chile, Kostarika) ; počev od instalacije koja je saradnja između dvoje slovenačkih umetnika (“CMBR” Simona Šerca & Marine Testen), a fokusirana je na fenomen signala buke, kao najstarije svetlosti univerzuma, predstavljene kroz svoj vizuelni eho, te vizuelnih interpretacija kvazara putem animacijskih tehnika i analognih tekstura (“Universos Infinitos” grupe autora),  kao i video rada koji se bavi fenomenom submehanofobije (straha od podvodnih objekata napravljenih od ljudske ruke) (‘Submecha’ Caio LS), programsku celinu će, kao i uvek, ozvučiti muzičari sa lokalne elektronske, elektroakustične i ambijentalne scene, od kojih svi debituju na ovom izdanju : Vladimir Gordanić (Balt), Vladimir Došenović
    (Electricity is Humming) i Bojan Andrić (BeatRoot).

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    (by Srdjan Veljovic)

  4. Film program : 

  5. Simon Šerc – CMBR (11’)

    CMBR project is based on the data from the Planck space telescope of the European Space Agency. The Planck satellite has recorded the measurements of the coldest objects in the Universe, and has given the insight into the creation of the first major structures in which galaxies evolved later on. The beginnings of these structures can be seen in the cosmic microwave background radiation or the CMBR, the first image of the universe. By using the ESA measurements, we used a method of sonification and digital processing of data from the Planck satellite (the mapping of fluctuations in the CMBR) to convert the measurements into an ambient sound mass intertwined with randomized sequences of cosmological parameters. When listening to the results of sonification, we really listen to the data. The result of the conversion to the audio waveform with such a large amount of data opens a contemplative space for the time dimension of the past-future.
  6. Juan David Aranzazu, Diego Pérez, María Camila Muñoz, Ana Carolina Naranjo Rojo - Fluir 

    Flow seduces us from the mist that covers the moors, takes us into the microscopic world to admire all the life that a single drop of water can have, and takes us through the torrential currents of rivers to the sublime oceans. This 360 video invites us to see our own reflection in the water as a dancing body that becomes a metaphor, disintegrates, evaporates, turns into particles and moves with an insatiable flow, merges with the landscape and becomes a body of water.

  7. Alannath Ocampo, Carol Tuberquia, Ana Carolina Naranjo Rojo, Juan Felipe Tangarife – Universos Infinitos (8‘)

    Video art, develops animation techniques and analog textures, to address the universe and the "Quasars": origin of black holes. The experience is inspired by Carl Sagan's stories from his book Cosmos and The Theory of Space Time by Stephen Hawkings creating a symbolic relationship between the origin of the Quasars and the evolution of humanity.
  8. Jorge Mario Zuleta – Frondio (6‘)

    A woman is depicted during a surreal trans dimensional odyssey.
  9. Janja Rakus – GIF(t) (8‘30‘‘)

    Magic flight across the Universe with a little help of Gifies and Silence. From Cinema to Gifnema.
  10. CAIO LS – Submecha (7‘)

    Submecha is an experimental short that brings together a visual imagery from the experiences of a person suffering from submechanophobia. From the digital resource, these experiences are reinterpreted from visual and sound records of Lake Ranco and Maihue. An internal journey that traverses a still unknown digital depth.