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  1. Live Soundtrack 62 | New Balkan Animation | 16. Animanima festival, 02.11.2022.

    Lezet, Ignjat Milicevic

  2. Live Soundtrack show must go on, a osma sezona se nastavlja, na 16. po redu Međunarodni festival animacije Animanima u Дом културе Чачак, na otvaranju / od 19:30 do 20h.
    Predstavljamo klavijaturistu Ignjata Milićevića, kojeg ste verovatno upoznali kroz Pop Depresija kompilaciju "Klavirsko nebo", kao i jednog od najprolificnijih eksperimentalnih muzicara sa nasih prostora, Igora Jovanovica u projektu LEZET, koji ce sutra ozvuciti cetiri filma iz programske celine "Nova balkanska animacija".

  3. LEZET

    “Lezet is a one-man experimental music project hailing from Pozega, Serbia.Created in 2005 after a succession of unsuccessful attempts at forming a “real band”, Igor Jovanovic decided to ‘go solo’, drawing upon as many musical genres as possible , all the while collaborating with other like-minded din-makers , doing it for sheer joy and self-improvement.”


  4. Ignjat Milicevic


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  7. Anja Paternoster – White, Black and True love / Bela, crna i prava ljubav (SLO, 2021, 5’)

    Not every love story is the same. Some are tragic others stunning. But there is always hope even when the movie ends.

  8. Martin Babić – Ballad of Pipe and Necklace / Balada o fruli i ogrlici (Hrvatska, 2018, 12’)

    In the Stone Age, a young Slovenian man invents the first flute, and a Croatian girl invents the first necklace in the world. The young couple meets and falls in love, but their tribes engage in an open conflict. It all leads to a great adventure.

  9. Dimitar Dimitrov – Quarantine / Karantin (Bugarska, 2020, 3’)

    The film is about a person’s state of mind, under a long quarantine

  10. Katarina Srejić – Willow Tree / Breza (Srbija, 2021, 8’)

    The main character remembers her childhood upon arrival to her homeland. Together with her younger self she goes through the memories of her home, the willow tree.