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  1. Live Soundtrack 61 | Kinoskop 3 | 10.12.2021.| Muzej Jugoslovenske Kinoteke

    Gabriel Kleber, Kumah, Bojan Bekic, WAAS / Traumator

  2. Gabriel Kleber

    Gabriel Kleber studied composition & electronic music at Folkwang Universität der Künste, ESMUC Barcelona and Musik Akademie Basel. He has composed music for theatre, dance and animated short films, works in installation and builds his own electronic instruments. His last major project is an installation for Zeiträume Basel festival 2021.

    Music for : "Into the Wild"

  3. Kumah

    With roots in classical piano practice, Vanja Dabic (Kumah) focuses on exploring the acoustic and electronic instruments in a way that resonates with her 'inner melody'. In recent years, she has been working with number of sound artists, such as Antonina Nowacka, Yuko Araki, Antagon Theatre Aktion, as well as performing solo classical and ambient works in Serbia, DXB, Sharjah, Zhuhai and Jogja Noise Bombing festival in Indonesia.

    Music for : "Metamorphosed Bodies of the Star that Generates Us"

  4. Bojan Bekic

    For a very long time thinking about it, but recently into producing music, mostly using a DAW and soft-synths. Currently just interested in basic composition and sound synthesis, but also trying to play with relations between speech, voice / meaning, noise and simple melodic content  manipulated together as expressive elements.

    Music for : "Shield" 

  5. WAAS / Traumator

    Filip Stojiljković of WAAS (Weareallslaves) plays experimental music with the elements of Noise, Dark Ambient, Free Improvisation, Avant Garde.

    Traumator is a nom de plume of  Aleksandar Jevremović from Kragujevac. His sets are atmospheric and  imbued with natural and everyday sounds, mixed with synth and distortion, while creating a wall of space harsh noise.

    Music for : "Images of the Mystical Simposion"

  6. Photo gallery : 

    (by Milica Nikolic)

  7. Film program : 


    Markus Maicher | 2020 | 04:17 | Austria | 16mm

    A glimpse through the cracks, somebody is walking in the meadow, trees trembling in the wind, flowers, grass. A world that only film can see, a material flow emerging from the coupling of camera, celluloid, silver salts, chemicals, light particles and the hand of the filmmaker


    Adina Ionescu-Muscel | 2021 | 03:28 | Belgium | 16mm

    Looking at the foliage of trees, with its perpetually shimmering backlit leaves, the breeze stirred, like a mass of flickering signs; he felt the rustle amplify and decline as an unfamiliar language.

    A breach opens, the light passes through and the world unfolds

  10. SHIELD

    Taravat Khalili | 2021 | 04:12 | Canada | 16mm

    Vulnerability, anxiety and lack of confidence are always present, it's the protector inside that allows the functionality to progress.

    Shield is a hand-processed, hand manipulated and painted film. The use of phytogram is also very present.


    Milan Milosavljević | 2021 | 05:25 | Serbia

    Somewhere in Yugoslavia, during the Cold War, on the eve of the nuclear threat, when the children fell asleep, the elders began their games in the "swinging sixties" ...