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  1. Live Soundtrack 59 | Near Future : Anxiety and Dystopia | Deli, Niš, 28.11.2021.

    Uroš Kostić / Slađan Milenović / Nenad Tasić

  2. LS je prvi put u Nišu, u okviru 59. izdanja "Bliska budućnost, anksioznost i distopija" koje meša orvelijanske filmske parabole o društvu kontrole (informacija) i prinude, sa narativima o ekološkim katastrofama i izazovima pozno kapitalističkih društava, nasuprot kojih vaspostavlja i skrivene i utopijske svetove.
    Muziku za filmove će izvoditi ad hoc ansambl koji cine predvodnici niške eksperimentalne i elektronske scene : dron-majstor Uroš Kostić (Overdriven Dreams), Slađan Milenović, gitarista benda Eyot, i Nenad Tasić, spiritus movens sastava MORA i Paydo Komma.
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  5. Kent Tate – No Rest for the Restless

    No Rest for the Restless” is a story drawn from my impressions of our hallucinatory world. A subconscious response to the recognition that we are in the midst of the "Anthropocene period" and the "Holocene extinction." An tumultuous age in which this planet is being transformed into something we may, or may not yet imagine.

  6. Yu Zhen, Xiao Jinzhe, Zhao Yicheng, Zhang Wenjia - One Infinite

    Jinzhi Xiao,a incurable COVID-19 patient , is waken up after being preserved in a cryo pod for 240 years to face the new world made up of knowledge and consciousness of mankind. He makes his mind to be different.

  7. Madyha Jan Leghari – Hairless

    A fictional city grapples with an inexplicable, complete loss of hair. Posited both as an extension and the boundary of a body, hair occupies a liminal position between the animate and inanimate “dead” matter. Since the influence of evolutionary thought in the nineteenth century, comparative hairlessness in humans has been the subject of extensive cultural debate and resultant shift in its value. “Excessive” human hair is variously associated with sexual inversion, the primitive, the criminal, the pathological, the diseased, the beast or even the lunatic. The film satirizes these accounts by removing the supposed evolutionary obstacle posed by hair. However, the resultant world is that of tactile longing, sensory deprivation, and eco-anxiety.

  8. Wawrzyniec Turowski – Hidden Worlds

    Is there a place without hate, fear and violence? A young man is trying to find a TV channel which is not full of negative emotions. Finally he discovers the hidden worlds he was looking for.

  9. RM Udhayan – Easel

    Based on a Tamil poem "Uthirum Siragugal" written by Late Koviko Abdul Rahman in the early 90s. An event that questions our existence and co-existence through a narrative

  10. Arindam K Dutta - Jack and Jill

    In a dystopian land where all water resources have been exhausted, two pariahs try to steal water from a highly secured place

  11. Yang Liu - Corpseland

    Corpseland is an amusement park that has been used for the purpose of teaching and indoctrinating children to grow up as adults to serve a dysfunctional, polluted and twisted society

  12. Yurkevich Marianna Igorevna – Unnatural Number 

    The totalitarian government requires everyone to comply with its artificially imposed norms. Everyone agrees with the system, but a hero appears to protest. Fearing reprisals, but not ready to fully accept the conditions of the regime, he offers a new alternative, which the government willingly takes over, adapting to the protest, but not changing the general direction of policy. But then the hero refuses his own alternative, not wanting to betray his ideal. And then, under the threat of death, having got into a hopeless situation, the hero manages to outwit the authorities so that in the end the statements imposed by them become truly true.