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  1. Live Soundtrack 56 - Junior Soundtrack (Kulturni Centar Zrenjanin, 9.10.2021.)

    mother beth vs blondie, bouw

  2. Film program : 

  3. Mohsen Rezapour - Eaten (Iran, 2018, 7')

    In a world where everyone is eating each other, one of the creatures finds a way to survive and after being eaten, it continues to live inside the wolf's stomach.

  4. Paulo Niza - Light (Brazil, 2020. 4')

    Walking around the city to collect energy, ARC the Robot finds a trapped firefly inside a machine that is absorbing It's vital energy. ARC doesn’t hesitate to help the insect.
    Realizing that the firefly is almost without any strength left to go on It's way, the robot transfer It's last energy to save the little firefly.

  5. Benjamin Barthélémy - Elephant on the Moon (France, 2019, 9')

    Paris by night. It's storming, and raining a lot. A lightning falls on a handicapped trafic sign. Because of the electricity, the 20cm white guy in the wheelchair has felt on the ground and becomes alive. Because everything in this giant raining world is a danger to him, He decides go on the moon by stolen balloon.

  6. Laly Cataguases - My Best Friend (Brazil, 2018, 14')

    On a poetic journey, a lonely boy gives life to his best friend.

  7. Antonio Perreira - The Hunter of Giants Trees (Brazil, 2019, 10')

    A boy playing in the yard of his house discovers a buried chest revealing a secret, the more than five hundred years men sold the largest trees of the earth to the most powerful kings one day it all stopped and never heard of hunters trees, all that remained was that ark with an old map . The boy with the help of his friend Bug -eating fox goes hunting the giants trees , which he believed to be trapped in the sky. So begins this adventure , where a boy and his friends seek to rescue the Giant Trees .