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  1. Live Soundtrack 55 | New World (Dis)order | Kinoteka na Severna Makedonija, 30.8.2021.

    Amplidyne Effect, Toni Dimitrov, Vladimir Martinovski, Marko Milicevic

  2. Amplidyne Effect

    Amplidyne Effect is the improvised multimedia project run by producer, musician & graphic-designer Martin Georgievski. Taking its form as mostly a live improvisational music project, Amplidyne Effect is heavily influenced by an experimental/psych spectrum of sounds ranging from Drone, Noise, Ambient, Contemporary Minimalist music and all the way to Post-Rock, Krautrock, IDM, Synth Wave elements.

  3. Toni Dimitrov

    Toni Dimitrov is a multimedia artist, cultural producer and cultural explorer, radio host and radio activist, philosopher, communicologist, and passionate mountain climber… but also sound designer, graphic designer, dj, organizer, label owner, based in Skopje, Macedonia.
    When at home and not traveling he is doing various projects that keeps him busy, from art and sound that is obviously the main focus of his hectic lifestyle, but also other projects including radio, sound art and field recordings, curating a label and sound/art events.
    His radio programs on radio Kanal 103 are dedicated to contemporary electronic music and political discourse. 

    He curates the labels post global recordings and élan vital recordings.

  4. Vladimir Martinovski

    Vladimir Martinovski (b. 1974) is a poet, short story writer, essayist, literary critic, translator and musician. He teaches Comparative Literature at Sts Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje. Former president of the Association of Comparative Literature of Macedonia, former vice-president of the Macedonian PEN Centre, he has won a number of literary awards and his poetry has been translated into English, French, Italian, Spanish, Albanian, Turkish, Bulgarian, Greek, German, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Romanian, Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovakian and Czech.

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  7. Anna Faroqhi & Hain Peretz– Lana’s Story (Germany, 2017, 12’)

    Lana, her husband, Didar, and their son, Layad, fled from the Kurdish part of Iraq. During their journey their cellphone was stolen, with all their photographs. Pupils from the Konrad Agahd School give back the stolen pictures in a drawn film.

  8. Can Yesiloglu – No! (Turkey, 2021, 2’)

    A young planet breaks its shell and starts offering the right to live to various living beings. A dinosaur declares dominance but it vanished with a meteor. A more dangerous species takes the stage: Human. This species inconsiderately consumes planet's live resources and rapidly disturbs the ecologic balance. The planet enters an annihilation stage with climate change. The diversity of species and habitats decrease. Humans are so ambitious to dominate the planet that they don’t realise they are preparing their own end. They continuously grow by consuming resources. In the end, there is unbalance; humans lose dominance, fall from the planet and are annihilated.

    The planet inside the NO! text on the screen becomes colourful. The green and blue colours are the new rulers of the planet.

  9. Julien Guiol – Origin of the End of the World (France, 2019, 14’)

    A little girl and poachers cross the landscapes of a wild nature, native cradle of the painter Gustave Courbet. They attend the origin of the end of the world.

  10. Siavash Eydani – The Note (Iran, 2020, 4’)

    The man wakes up and finds himself on a bed in the sea ...

  11. Manne – The Seagull (Armenia, 2020, 20’)

    It is time for a human being to stop and realize that his flight can also be destructive. People, lions, deer, and other creatures will disappear in a matter of seconds. People need to be wary of desolation...The planet Earth is so beautiful that you can live forever and keep that unprotected body.
  12. Vanessa Cardui – Red Thread (Germany, 2020, 1’)

    A red thread is walking through the city of Berlin, leaving traces on the buildings - which become street art. The red thread is litterary drawing its own poetic way through the city, reflecting the hidden dreams whereas the urban home with the empty facades and streets is captured in black and white images that are showing the oppressive living situation at the time of the corona pandemic.

  13. Olga Guse – The Pray (Germany, 2021, 4’)

    Environmental disasters, global warming, serious viral diseases, wars and strained relations between countries have recently complicated our lives. Some actively struggle with the fate that has overtaken him. But others can only pray ...