Kino Pleme / Live Soundtrack

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  1. Live Soundtrack 51 | Kinoskop 2 | Vimeo, 4-6.12.2020.

    Dimitar Dodovski (MK), Balt, Andria, Exoterran, Kajaq

  2. Dimitar Dodovski

  3. Ambient producer who has been sculpting sound since the early 2000's. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of influences he has managed to form his matured musical style rich with texture, depth and excitement. He has released a handful of albums solo as well as with his Post Global Trio, Moss Garden, Niskogradba, Dérive Dub and Private Mountain projects.

  4. Soundtrack for film : Juan Lorenzo Loureiro - Ventral (2020)

  5. Balt

  6. Vladimir Gordanić is involved in music his entire life, always searching for edgy sound shapes, forms and genres to transcend his mind and achieve new states of consciousness, constantly learning how to fly.

  7. Soundtrack for film : Jared Michael Sobotka - Ancient Aliens (2020)

  8. Andria

  9. "With o o o o o Andria presents four tracks of otherworldly sounds. Music made on mutant technology for apocalyptic rave rituals, showcasing a deep talent in sound design and rhythmic manipulation. Unique material, like Coil soundtracking Halo for the club."

  10. Music for film : Antonio Bértolo Vilariño - Self Portrait (2020)

  11. Exoterran

    MIlan Ludajić aka Exoterran studied cello at the Pančevo Music School, but due to lack of motivation for learning traditional classical music, soon dropped out. After school he continued to play cello in various bands and home-studios, but soon found interest in dabbling with electronic music synthesis. His music is the perfect sum of contemporary music and classical music, and electronic ambients added to his live performances with strings give him a touch of elegance.

  12. Soundtrack for film : Giuseppe Spina - Luminous Variations in the City Skies (2019)

  13. Kajaq

  14. Kajaq is a music project of the free-flowing, watery kind.

    Immersive discovery under the pretext of melody.

    Electroacoustic storytelling which radiates warmth.

  15. Soundtrack for film : High Tide, Low Tide (2020)

  16. Film programme :


  17. Juan Lorenzo Loureiro | Ventral | 2020 | 10:15 | Spain | Super 8

  18. An island, a woman and a presence, a phantom who follows her. This phantom could be me, the camera, cinema itself. But both the woman and the island could also be ghosts....

  19. Jared Michael Sobotka | Anceint Aliens | 2020 | 08:50 | USA | various formats

  20. A meditation on the something lost to a contemporary society that might make us more whole, if we were to discover it. A 16mm collage of found footage and film shot by the filmmakers.

  21. Antonio Bértolo Vilariño | Self Portait | 2020 | 04:42 | Spain | Super 8

  22. Portrait of the artist.

  23. Giuseppe Spina | Luminous Variations in the City Skies | 2019 | 06:19 | Italy

  24. Thirty years of research were necessary for the astronomer Guido Horn D'Arturo to invent the specchio a tasselli – also called multimirror or segmented mirror – an archetype of today's most advanced telescopes.Full of point-like shapes, Horn D'Arturo's photographic plates are now also full of spots and traces of deteriorated emulsions.A silent film composed of digital scans and blow-ups of Guido Horn D’Arturo’s photographic plates depicting Bologna’s skies.

  25. Federica Foglia | High Tide, Low Tide | 2020 | 05:00 | Canada

  26. High Tide, Low Tide combines layers of 16mm and 35mm found footage films to create a lyrical journey to accompany the viewer into the depths of a dream of another life.