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  1. Live Soundtrack 64 | Kinoskop 4 | 4.12.2022.| Art Bioskop Kolarac

    Halbstar, endléa, Exoterran, Overdriven Dreams

  2. Halbstar


    Previous member of several music projects and collectives, like Halbstar & Umbra, Horkeskart/Horkestar, Činč, Kopy Kat, Tišina kod poluzvede, is returning from the grave, just for this occasion.

    Halbstar has worked as musician, producer and composer, on a vast array of music genres, from indie/post rock bands, through psycho acoustic folk, choir music, applied music for theaters and movies, hymnic and symphonic music, jazz simulations, to hip-hop.

    He usually combines melodic electronic music, with citations and reminiscence on classical music and orchestra instruments, but also could turn totally acoustic, or minimal glitch/drone with seductive beats..

    Music for the film : "With the tide, with the tide"

  3. endléa

    endléa / 夜明けを残す is an drone/ambient project of Siberian sound artist.
    Started in 2019, endléa creates different kinds of drone & ambient music, using modular synthesizers, field recordings, tape loop processing coupled with a wide range of acoustic instruments.

    The main idea of the project is to study the influence of sound forms and states on human consciousness, as well as to study sound as a crystallized fragment of time, with the help of which you can immerse yourself deeper and rethink the necessary aspects of life.

    Music for the film : "Dust". 

  4. Exoterran


    MIlan Ludajić aka Exoterran studied cello at the Pančevo Music School, but due to lack of motivation for learning traditional classical music, soon dropped out. After school he continued to play cello in various bands and home-studios, but soon found interest in dabbling with electronic music synthesis. His music is the perfect sum of contemporary music and classical music, and electronic ambients added to his live performances with strings give him a touch of elegance.

    Music for the film : "Growth_Spurt"

  5. Overdriven Dreams

    Overdriven dreams is a pseudonym from which Uroš Kostić, an experimental musician from Niš (Serbia), stands. After years of researching the possibilities of his primary instrument, the guitar, as well as various other devices, such as tape recorders and walkmans, he began to implement these ideas in his solo work.

    Overdriven dreams strive to give life to the endless sound fields of phantasmagoric dreams. In that process, he relies primarily on guitar improvisation, which he often uses outside the standard application of that instrument, with the help of tools such as drumsticks, radio, mobile phone, and e-bow. In addition, he uses the manipulation of cassettes, tape recorders, loopers, lo-fi synths, and granular samplers in the realization of sonic imaging of endless dream fields. In a short time, above all at numerous concerts, he established himself as one of the currently most active ambient musicians in the region.

    Music for the film : "Beyond the Shadows".

  6. Photo gallery

    (by Vladimir Opsenica) : 

  7. FIlm program : 


    Anna Kipervaser | 2022 | 02:49 | USA | 16mm

    I know, you're a seasonal beast | Like the starfish that drift in with the tide | With the tide | So until your blood runs | To meet the next full moon | Your madness fits in nicely with my own | With my own | Your lunacy fits neatly with my own | My very own |

    - from Sea Song by Robert Wyatt 

  9. DUST

    Filip Markovinović | 2022 | 09:19 | Serbia | Super 8

    A short experimental film created by combining personal archives and found footage. The film takes us through dreamy spaces of memory and forgotten moments from childhood.


    Ivor Almásy | 2021 | 06:20 | Hungary | 8mm

    The film draws on fears and anxieties about childhood. The objects and drawing elements in it are cinematic references to the system of motifs associated with my work, which, together with ordinary sequences of images documented in cinematic notes, come together into a string of scenes without a story. The series of pictures randomly exposed to each other also resulted in new meaning combinations for myself, thus emphasizing the dreamlike nature of the film's composition. Shot on standard 8 mm film. Hand coloured


    Steven J. York, Jacob Dodd | 2021 | 12:33 | USA | 16mm

    "Beyond the Shadows" is a short hand processed 16mm shadow puppet film. It explores a series of Appalachian family stories Inspired by the dreams of West Virginia Native and director Steven J. York and his father William York. The film depicts mountain mysticism, traditional Appalachian folk magic, and dreams of life out at the old homeplace