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  1. Live Soundtrack 53 | Comedy and the Absurd | Kulturni Centar Ruma | 13.6.2021.

    Nar, Sloxxx, Rage Blanche

  2. It's a big pleasure to announce the second event for this summer and first one happening in Serbia, on 13th June, in the movie theater Kulturni Centar Ruma.

    Huge thanks to Milan and Dragan of the Mister Vorky / 8th international festival of short and 1-minute film, who have put a lot of effort to make new edition of the festival, and include a slot for one hour of the delightfully offbeat program "Comedy and the Absurd".

    Ranging from the hypnotic excursions to the realm of rave migrains, to the mysterious, spooky family rituals, towards the X-files-ish vignettes and unadulturated battles of feline pirates, dolphin agents and shark collaborators, new musical accompaniment for the films, made by Almir Correia, Nate Barlow, Christopher Tenzis, Burak Kum, Chickenchris, Simone Angelini, Peter the Moon & Ugo Vittu will be provided by prominent electronic authors / DJs from the Vojvodina scene: Aleksandar Narančić (NAR), with his modular techno improvisations, Slobodan Jukić (Sloxxx), with minimal, atmospheric landscapes and syncopated rhythms, Petar Vakić (CoPhones, Rage Blanche) in the interzone between acidic clubbing instances and introspective ambience.

    "A Brief History of Hollywood" is presented with the original sound.

    Join us for one hour + of phantasmagorical wackiness.

  3. Aleksandar Narančić (NAR)

    Music for : Inslide

  4. Sloxxx

    Music for : Absurd Man

  5. Rage Blanche

    Music for : Alien Felines From Beyond the Galaxy, Silent Tales

  6. *** Music for Eating Brain and Big Touch was made by Marko Milićević, curator at the event

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  8. Film program : 

  9. Peter the Moon & Ugo Vittu - Alien Felines From Beyond The Galaxy (FR, 2020, 4')

    A world of fish inhabiting sumptuous cathedrals is attacked by a horde of feline pirates. A dolphin shock duo is sent to the rescue. Who will emerge victorious from this battle of claws and fins?

  10. Simone Angelini – Silent Tales (IT, 2020, 5')

    A series of short and atmospheric motion comics that leave you with a mysterious laugh. A cat and an alien, a tyrannosaurus and a sleeping man.

  11. Chickenchris - Inslide (DE, 2020, 17')

    When we meet the man at his office, he is suffering from an unknown disease. It is when he invites us to enter him that we discover the full extent of his pain: a great costume ball causing him an intense headache. When the Man takes an aspirin it’s the beginning of a hypnotic journey .

  12. Burak Kum - Absurd Man (TR, 2020, 8’)

    An ordinary man...A mysterious drive...A weird bag...Wait, weird bag?..Here is the Man vs the Bag...What, is this a fight? Then, which one will win it? And, who will lose everything but one?.. Don't Wait, Do Watch!

  13. Almir Correia - Eating Brain (BR, 2021, 5')

    A girl plays in the forest of brain trees. A fruit falls into her lap and she takes it home, triggering a great family transformation.

  14. Christopher Tenzis - Big Touch (US, 2020, 3')

    An Afro-Surrealist story about a giant woman and a tiny man who through the power of touch, experience an unexpected transformation.

  15. Nate Barlow - A Brief History of Hollywood (US, 2020, 10')

    Two histories intertwined…the histories of the Hollywood Sign and of the Hollywood industry, visually interwoven.