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  1. Live Soundtrack 52 | Inside the Mirror of Dreams | Dom na Kinoto, Sofia | 3.6.2021.

    trohi, E.U.E.R.P.I, Kajaq

  2. trohi

    trohi is an experimental/free/electronic music duo of Peter Parmakov and Yoana Robova.Their live performances are mostly free improvisations with synthesizers, processed bass guitar and rhythmic field recordings.

    Music for : Celia's Dream, Hagioscope
  3. E.U.E.R.P.I. 

    The guitar based solo project of Mirian Kolev. The style could be generally defined as experimental drone ambient, but this is a draft definition, since he plays live, improvising to a great extent, which makes every performance unique, depending on atmospheres and moods.

    Music for : Arlequin, Kharon Dreams in Dream
  4. Kajaq

    Kajaq is an electronic music project of the free-flowing kind. Immersive discovery under the pretext of melody. Electroacoustic storytelling which radiates warmth.

    Music for : Duality of Imagination
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    / by Dunja Bojčić /

  6. Film program :

  7. Mox Mäkelä – Hagioscope (Finland, 2021, 11’)


    Hagioscope shortfilm is the film of virus era. It is some kind of the waiting room film. The film looks at the human world through a hagioscope.

  8. Victor Anthony Martin – Celia’s Dream (United States, 2021, 6’)


    A shared awakening.

  9. Daniel Zagórski – Duality of Imagination (Poland, 2021, 10’)


    The limitations are within you, and you keep creating new ones. The reality is dark, but it doesn't have to be against you. Doubled imagination bothers you and helps, but you are not alone. You want to go further than the others, only if there is what you imagine.

  10. Süleyman Eskiocak – Kharon Dreams in Dream (Turkey, 2020, 20’)


    The child is in a dream, an unknown dream. He is constantly looking for his father. The child can eventually reach his father only in his dream. And his father is dead now. The dead father comes in a boat like Kharon.
    The child finally finds his father. But his father is now a dream for him. And he takes his son to an unknown. Dream, reality and death begin to mix.

  11. Daniel Le Hai – Arlequin (Poland, 2021, 6’)


    A boy tries to see a circus performance.