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  1. Carnival (2015) aka Devil is in the Details

    Super 8mm

    "Carnival" is a multi-part film made of sequences which turn the knives on each other, in a "morality play" fashion. A film-inside-the-film epilogue breaks the illusion of the former to encounter an even more confounding ending. "Blow-up" investigation on the level of a film frame opens up a Pandora's Box of a (insolvable) whodunnit mystery surrounding the traditional festivities of a "exorcistic" masked ball in a village in Macedonia.


    The Unforeseen - 1st International Experimental Film Festival
    , Panorama Selection, CZKD/ Belgrade, 2016

    Kino Pleme - Film kao (intimni) ritual, Klubvizija / Zagreb, 2016

    CZKD Bioskop, Super 8 intimni rituali, Belgrade, 2015