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  1. Marko Milićević

    Marko Milićević (born in Belgrade, Serbia) is an artist and film curator working in the field of analog film and expanded cinema. He has a B.A. in Law and a Film Directing course certificate and is the author of several shorts shot on super 8 /16mm/ or using found footage, some of which have been screened in Hungary, Croatia and Brazil. From 2014, he's been the curator and program manager of Live Soundtrack, monthly audio-visual event for live experimental and electronic film music.With film writer and artist Nikola Gocić he co-organizes Kinoskop, an emerging analog/experimental film festival in the Balkans. (

    Working as a music journalist for webzine has inspired him to launch, an experimental electronic music webzine which reviews the current regional (ex-yugoslav) scene through interviews and track samplers. He is also involved in music-making ; his choice of preference is exploration of electro-acoustic music textures and their interplay with vocal improvisation and musique concrete. Collaborations include vocal artists (Olja Nikolić-Kia), poets (Tamara Šuškić) and a film music ensemble (Old Soviet Dogs).

    His short films have been described as "dealing with consciousness, conscience, dreams and memory", "ambiguous, open-ended and suggestive", "a mix of otherworldy existential meditations and undertones of magic realism", borrowing from arthouse, horror and SF, while often breaking the fourth wall with meta-cinematic investigations", "subtly toying with viewer's expectations / experimental film school-cliches".

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