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  1. Aleksandar Lazar & Marko Milićević : Elementary Particles / Where Do We Come From? (2019)

    Expanded cinema performance : analog (super 8mm, found footage), digital (animation)


    "Elementary Particles" / "Where do We Come From" is the first collaboration of film / video artists Aleksandar Lazar and Marko Milicević, a post-apocalyptic multi-channel film performance that brings together the worlds of analog and digital, mockumentary and found footage, experimental film and animation, in a combination of two works that (meta-) comment on each other and are methodologically interconnected.


    “Elementary Particles” is a subversive mockumentary in the form of a 2-channel expanded performance: Filmoteka 16 movies on nuclear fission and the development of the atomic bomb have been edited in reverse order and fragmentary sequences, moving from the blast of atomic bomb to the satirical commentary on abuse of technology and effects of chemical warfare on the living world, to the "esoteric" particles of film grain which dissipate and then return to the cave of the dark matter of the evolution of civilization / primordial forms of energy, portraying the entire universe as an "alien" experiment of an absurd musical conductor, supported by the destructive urges of humanity.

    "Where do We Come From" is an epilogue to the history of mankind which has been wiped off by a global catastrophe. The creation of life and man on Earth, through the condensation of spirit, from the appearance of the first, primitive life form to higher forms of intelligence, will (again) require many millions of years and work of evolution. The inspiration for making the video "Where do We Come From?" is the book of the same name by Russian ophthalmologist Dr. Ernest Muldashev, who made a scientific expedition to Tibet in search of the origin of mankind and published his results in this book.

    Premiere :

    1st Kinoskop, International Analog Film Festival, Kvaka 22 / Belgrade, 2019.