Kino Pleme / Live Soundtrack

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  1. Play-God (2014)

    35mm - found footage

    "Can we altogether abolish historical unjustices by censoring or altering cinema (histories)? Play-God is a walk on a thin rope of such a notion and surgical intervention on the flesh of "one troubling matter" by a found footage "play-god". Sequence of pagan sacrifice from King Kong (1933) is rephotographed in a hall of mirrors. Indigenous men who inhabit the island of Kong are painstakingly transformed to otherworldy abstractions, forming a mise en scene of the kaleidoscopical tribal dance. Inter-racial sexual politics of the original, suffused with fear, meets its lens-distorting doppelganger."

    Screenings :

    The Unforeseen - 1st International Experimental Film Festival, Official selection, CZKD/ Belgrade, 2016

    Kino Pleme - Film kao (intimni) ritual, Klubvizija / Zagreb, 2016

    CZKD Bioskop, Super 8 intimni rituali, Belgrade, 2015