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  1. Old Soviet Dogs

  2. A regular ensemble at Live Soundtrack events, Old Soviet Dogs have revitalised passion for old school electronics : theremins, monotrons and analog synths, with a steady flux of improvisatory techniques and flexibility in set-up and music styles. Also equipped with loopers and samplers, they've been creating bedazzling and evolving sonic environments, occasionally drenched in cosmic themes and otherworldly (psycho) acoustics, such as mini orchestra of music boxes, ethereal electroacoustic suites with zithers and kalimbas, ambient threnodies bordering on heavily processed bell sounds, or shoegazing guitars buried in psychedelic noise.

    Members : Aleksandra Dačić, Miloš Dimitrijević, Jelena Dunić, Adrijan Vučković and Marko Milićević.


    Film music :


    Jean-Pierre Valladeau - Sainte Barbe (FR, 1975, 8')

    “Sound interpretaion of a film by the obscure french director, who has been shooting a figure of the medieval female saint for seven years, using psychedelic optical experiments to create a love song to the technology and mystical fervour..."


    Scott Bartlett - Off/ On (USA, 1967, 9')

    "The human eye, the human form, the human face: these are the three central images of this avant-garde collage and kaleidoscope of shifting and fractured images, changing colors, and pulsing rhythms. Near the end, a tree appears briefly, and birds fly - first white, then red and blue. Celtic knots morph from one to another. The images become Rorschach tests although the mood, driven by the rapid changing images and the soundtrack, remains frantic.."


    Ed Emshwiller - Carol (Usa, 1970, 6')

    " This is a visual tone poem, a romantic poetic Love Letter to the movie maker's wife, Carol Emshwiller, author of several science-fiction stories..."


    Old Soviet Fox


    Old Soviet Fox is a one-off colaboration of the Live Soundtrack ensemble members, Aleksandre Dačić and Jelene Dunić, which gravitates between electronic and ambient music, analog synth and software music.

    Aleksandra Dačić works as a piano teacher. She's played in electronic / improv bands such as Crosscuts and Ku!KU and performed at Sinelinea.

    Jelena Dunić is the author of the podcast “This World Needs a Mother” on Popscotch webzine.


    Piotr Dumala – Latajace Wlosy (“Flying Hair”) (PL, 1984, 8’)

    "A poetic, impressionistic work about a girl and a boy in love with each other who go out for a walk. Suddenly a storm breaks out. The girl’s hair turns into sharp needles which fly around attacking and destroying everything. Only the couple are safe..."



    Nom de plume of Aleksandra Dačić, electronic musician and piano teacher. She's played in electronic / improv bands such as Crosscuts and Ku!KU and performed at Sinelinea.



    Danuta Adamska Strus – Kosmogonia (PL, 1975, 10’)

    "Sand animation which shows the creation of the Universe from the dark matter..."



    Zen Terminal


    Zen Terminal is a new moniker of Miloš Dimitrijević (IIIV, Old Soviet Dogs), in the murky deep waters of dub techno hypnosis, interspersed with dancier and ecstatic ingredients, rather than meditative ambient qualities, reletable to the sounds of the label Chain Reaction.


    Piotr Kamler - Une Mission Ephemere (FR, 1993, 8')

    "An entity who comes with a sphere creates finally itself something totally different: a cube."